Safe to Dance

BSPA is a Covid secure business. Supervised activities provided for children are exempt from the rule of 6. We have made sure all our teachers have completed safety courses regarding Covid and know how to keep their dancers safe.  You’ll be asked to sanitise your hands upon arrival. There will be a one-way system in and out wherever possible, and a gap between classes to avoid any crossover of students. We have checked the square meterage of all of our BSPA dance spaces and ensured that we have limited the numbers allowed in the rooms in line with the government rules.
Everyone attending our classes is registered on our system so that we are in line with track and trace regulations. You can read more on the Government website regarding what you should expect children’s activities providers to be doing to keep you and your family safe.

BSPA Covid Secure Procedures

  • Teachers have completed Covid Safety courses.
  • Hand sanitiser as you enter our dance spaces.
  • Face masks/visors to be worn when necessary.
  • Spot markers will be placed over 2 metres apart.
  • One way in and out systems (where physically possible).
  • Gaps between classes to prevent any crossover of classes’ attendees.
  • Class numbers in line with Government Guidelines.
  • Props sanitised before and after use and only used with one class.
  • Lesson plans adapted to avoid all contact with others.
  • Class sizes strictly limited to ensure safe distancing between dancers.


We are confident that the measures we have put in place make it safe to dance! We want you to continue to enjoy the valuable service that BSPA provides to all our students. Dance is proven to release endorphins and help you to feel good. At BSPA we are passionate about mental health and wellbeing.

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