Royston Festival

October 11, 2018

Well done to all our students who competed last weekend at Royston Festival in some large numbered sections. Fantastic results were achieved and congratulations to Freya, Lucy and Emily who qualified in their Modern solos, Lucy and Freya in their Modern Duet and Freya in her Song and Dance solo.

Freya- 2nd place Song and Dance Solo
Freya- 3rd place -Modern Solo
Emily- 3rd place Modern solo
Lucy and Frwya- 3rd place- Modern Duet
Inter Modern troupe- 4th place
Lucy- 4th place- Modern solo
Erin, Freya , Lucy- 4th place Song and Dance Trio
Esme- 4th place Modern solo
Freya- 4th place Tap solo

Here’s to the next two weekends at Royston festival! Go BSPA. We are so proud of all our students.